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The Fitness Geneve a brand new studio for group & private training.

The art of fun and workout combined!


About the Fitness Geneve Studio

A brand new fitness studio in Geneva located in the quartier of Monbrilliant just 5 minutes away from Geneva’s main station, Gare Cornavin. Our certified sports coaches offer you top-level pilates, bodyshape, stretching, yoga and meditation classes, mom and baby workout, and boot camp training.

  • Bilingual group and private classes (English & French)
  • All ages and fitness levels (Young, kids, mom with baby and seniors)
  • Flexible booking options

Move your body and touch your soul!

What are the most popular fitness Geneve classes?


Yoga and Stretching Classes

Develop the awareness of the body, energy, and spirit with our yoga, meditation and stretching classes.

Let us accompany you in your journey beyond motion and space and reach your fitness and spiritual aims.

Pilates Classes

Do you like to reform your body, strengthen the spine and feel better in your skin? join our Pilates classes to benefit from the best physiotherapeutic workout methodologies focusing on reenergizing and working out the core, correcting the body posture and improving well- being.


Bodyshape & Boot Camp Classes

Are you the type of person who would rather like to perspire and sweat working out?

Discover our top Hiit Training (Hi Intensity Interval Training) workout. We offer BodySHape and Boot Camp classes to help you increase your endurance, tone your body and be on top of the game.

Soft Gym: Posturology, breathing exercises, pelvic floor rehabilitation and more.

No matter what your physical level is, our gentle gym classes at Fitness Geneve will help you strengthen your muscles and stabilize your spine, improve your posture, and prevent / reduce pain. This course is ideal for all physical levels and ages. It is specially recommended for seniors, or following an injury or accident.

Mom and baby workout

Wondering what are the things to do with a baby in Geneva? Join our top post-pregnancy classes to exercise your muscles and strenghten your perineum with your choice of the Pilates class that suits your body needs.

Martial art classes for self defense

You will be taught simple and efficient techniques to be able to defend yourself against aggression.

We also offer special classes combining boxing and martial arts. Many women join this training to let the steam off and enjoy the self degense workout.

Classes are offered during the weekends (4 classes of 2 hours each).


Have you tried different workout methods and dietary plans to bring changes to your body but there is more yet to achieve? Leave it to Paloma – your certified personal trainer in Geneva who will help bring about the body transformation you desire with the most creative and enjoyable movements and custom plans made only for you.

Call Paloma at 078 668 21 00 to discuss your goals and plan


Who is the trainer at Fitness Geneve?

Paloma has a diploma in Physical Education from the University of Neuchatel and 30 years of experience at sports within which more than 15 years as a sports trainer



Why choose fitness Geneve classes?

1. Expert guidance

Our certified fitness instructors are specialists in the art of movement and holistic workout. They help you keep committed to your health and wellness journey, and provide you all the support you need along the way.

2. Therapeutic and wellness approach

We offer precise and refined movements to help you get in touch with your core, improve your mobility, and release stress. All with rhythmic and rejuvenating breathing exercises.

3. Fitness and Fun blended

Not every training session is inherently an enjoyable one. What makes our classes stand out is the combination of creative, serious and fun workout. Our classes cherish the love for challenging oneself, celebrate progress and foster social support.